Blockchain in clean energy

Race for adoption of blockchain by countries continues, Chile takes the lead


We are living in an era where technology is the most important part of our life. In this era of our life, we are witnessing the blockchain technology to be one of the latest emerging technology. Approximately in all the nations around the globe, this technology found its applications in different fields.

Similarly, we have a news about blockchain from South American nation Chile. According to PV Magazine sources, the National Energy Commission of Chile is set to adopt the Blockchain technology.

The Executive secretary of the National Energy Commission of Chile, Andres Romero, has announced that Chile’s public & government authorities will start using the blockchain technology this month.

The main aim of the National Energy Commission is to certify the quality and certainty of the open data of the national energy sector. With the successful application, CNE will officially become Chile’s first public entity to utilize the inherent benefits of blockchain technology.

By using blockchain technology, CNE will easily authenticate the average market price, marginal costs, fuel prices and the compliance with renewable energy law. According to executive secretary of CNE, “The energy giant of Chile has decided to join this innovative technology and CNE have decided to use blockchain as a digital notary, which will allow us to certify that the information we provide in the open data portal has not been altered or modified and left unalterable record of its existence.”

According to PV Magazine, Chile’s total power consumption is more than 2 GW & at the end of last year, their total PV solar power has reached 1.829 GW. CNE  believe that the blockchain technology will help to facilitate the regulation of renewable energy & it is a sign of positive potential in the energy industry.


Similarly, Robotina, a company that is determined to provide solutions that will not just help you reduce your power consumption but it with time, it will also save global energy resources.

Robotica is going to use the blockchain technology to modernize the way of power consumption. Robotina has developed a system that will integrate the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & blockchain technology. This system will not only modernize the processes of energy consumption but also allow us to reduce the effective cost & effectively improve both the safety & security levels.


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