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Company incorporation

At DevGenesis, our aim is to make sure your requirements are sufficed in the most legitimate manner. We understand how important it is to uphold the belief of backers and investors as well as avoiding restrictions by regulatory bodies in the future. Thus, we ensure the creation of a company by reviewing your concept and making the required suggestions. Also, we ensure all legal documents related to your project are in place and professionally made. Considering the expertise and experience of our team of attorneys in matters related to the blockchain technology and ICOs, we are sure to never go wrong in this aspect.

AML/KYC compliance

Our team has a deep understanding of jurisdictional matters and regulatory compliance. ICO regulations are constantly evolving, but our team always keeps upbeat with the changing rules to ensure your ICO token sale adheres to these regulations through a robust AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) measures. We understand how important this step is to avoid the legal issues, protect investor interests and even getting listed on some exchanges.

Drafting legal documents

We specialize in drafting clean and iron-clad documentation to carry your ICO through any legal challenges, including the text of a public offer that you will post on your website, general terms of a project, , privacy policy and terms of use, nondisclosure agreement and other legal documents required to protect both you and your contributors.

White paper

The custom white papers that we prepare for our clients serve as the best marketing tools. The whitepaper introduces the utility and validity of the platform, while also addressing a number of topics ranging from operating plan, product description, token economics, blockchain technology, team details and roadmap.

Legal consultation

Our team’s knowledge, track record of performance and experience provides the expertise and depth required to uplift your business and perform a successful project launch. We provide bespoke solutions to our clients for their legal compliance needs.


We provide a huge range of Blockchain Application development services to help you increase your business productivity leveraging the Blockchain technology. By integrating the advanced blockchain based technologies, smart contracts and solutions, we can introduce high level of mobility and security in your organization.


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